Final Certification of  Redgram, Castor & Jute: 31st, March 2021. 


The Government of India have enacted the Andhra Pradesh Reorganization Act-2014 (Act-6 of 2014), as per which, the State of Andhra Pradesh has been bifurcated into two States viz., Andhra Pradesh & Telangana from the appointed day i.e. 2nd June, 2014. The APSSCA is listed in the Tenth Schedule of the Act at Serial No. 20 in the "List of Training Institutions / Centres" for continuance of facilities in certain State Institutions to cater to the needs of the public. As per the Act, APSSCA is bifurcated in to Two Seed Certification Agencies viz. APSSCA and TSSCA meant to serve the purpose of Certification in A.P. and Telangana, respectively.Accordingly, Telangana State Seed Certification Agency (TSSCA) was registered on 5th July 2014 vide No.390 of 2014 under the Andhra Pradesh Societies Registration Act, 2001..Read more


The purpose of Seed Certification is to maintain and make available to public, through Certification, high quality seeds and propagating materials of Notified Kind and Varieties so grown and distributed as to ensure Genetic purity & Identity. Seed Certification is also designed to achieve prescribed standards.


1. Certify seeds of all notified Kinds and Varieties. 2. Outline the procedure for submission of applications for growing, harvesting, processing, storage and labelling of seeds intended for certification till the end to ensure that seed lots finally approved for certification are true to variety and meet prescribed standards for certification under the Act or the rules... Read more




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